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Something about Gon

For me, the best photos are those that go straight to the heart and blood, and it takes some time to reach the brain. - Bill Jau

Thank you for having come this far, to my small collection of light and souls. My name is Gon, and even taking pictures it is certainly something that I love, I do not consider myself a photographer.

After an entire childhood sourrounding me at home and not being interested on it, photography came to me quite unexpectedly, when a couple of trips changed everything: one made me start looking at the world around me with different eyes, years later, the other gave me the opportunity to start working doing what I love most.



I still remember the sea of ​​doubts I had when I decided to go ahead with this hobby and get my first SLR camera … I could not imagine then how many photos and moments would follow and would have the luck to capture.

Capture… that’s the word. Rather than consider myself a portrait photographer that seeks to capture the soul of things, of people, of those unrepeatable moments with the help of this little time machine that is the camera, which allows us to freeze moments forever and to bring back to our memory regardless of the time passed. Something so simple and at the same time almost magical…

I consider myself very fortunate to have the chance to travel a lot in my life. I visited amazing places and met great people have lived their customs and enjoyed their cities and landscapes, and in recent years, always with my camera by my side. The pictures I show in this site are a small sample of what I could see through my eyes.

I do not care what reality is, but how I see it myself. What you see in my photos is life through my eyes. Nobody sees things as they are, we see things as we are.



Light and Soul


Why create “almayluz” then? Because I would like to think that some of my photographs stole five seconds of someone’s day and made them think and rethink some things for themselves and for the people around them. I think it is a gift too brutal to be wasted.

Maybe being a photographer is a way of life, a way of understanding the world. Maybe you are a photographer when we become obsessed with photography, when our cultural, visual and aesthetic meets certain requirements, as well as our ability and technique. Or maybe it is just when we live out of photography.

They say that photography is simply the ability to notice things.

I take pictures because in the future, I would love to give away the past to my friends. 


Thank you for your visit